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Astrological Monthly Forecast for March 2022

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After the first two winter months of frozenness, hardship, slumber and boredom, March is going to be a lot more active, and overall, an energetically altogether different month. We will have more going on in just the first two weeks than in January and February together. Expect a whirlwind of all kinds of things starting to happen fast! Our individual needs and wishes are finally going to be answered; and we will begin to regain a new sense of hope. Possibilities and potentials are going to be on the rise with the progression of March moving forward; and the waves that have steadily rocked romantic relationships since last September are going to be receding at last. This will bring a much needed sense of balance and clarity back into our life.

The last week of March is looking particularly exciting. The energetic signature of that time period may feel like we are going on a rocket ride, getting ready for launching and takeoff. The thrill this will likely create has a couple of red flags, however; so pay attention to finding center and grounding in your body. Too much of a good thing is a wonderful thing; but getting too much into the head about it has its dangers too, so we will need to keep our feet on the ground, rocket ride thrills or not. All in all, March is shaping up to be a truly promising and even blissful month: the first one after a very long time.

On Thursday, March 3rd, the month kicks off with a strong first aspect. Included are the Tantric pair, Mars and Venus, representing the polarities and attraction between the archetypal Masculine and Feminine sides of the human psyche; and Pluto, the planet that governs secrets, sins and sexuality, and everything that has been repressed, and is brewing underground, threatening to explode and spew. There may be red hot, irrational tension in the air on this day, which may either manifest and appear as fatal sexual attraction; or a sizzling conflict. It is also possible and even likely that the two scenarios will merge, alternate and cause an energetic pressure that wants to find an outlet and be released. Pay attention to this, and in romantic relationships, but in general also, use your breath to clear the air and find solid ground for a resolution. (The Venus and Mars conjunction with Pluto is exact)

On Sunday, March 6th, the cosmic Lovers, Venus and Mars finally leave Capricorn, and move into Aquarius together. The sign of the Waterbearer feels a lot more welcoming to this duo than Capricorn’s cold, constrained and disciplined realm. There is movement, fresh air, and a taste of freedom beckoning in Aquarius, which will be a very refreshing change both for couples in romance, and within human relationships in general. Conflicts and saber rattling will likely quiet down; while coming together and connecting with each other will receive an upgrade and become much easier. Aquarius is the realm of future ambitions and perspectives in the Zodiac, which might also mean that we still have some things we need to discuss in our romantic partnerships. Overall, however, energetically, this event is a breath of fresh air for couples and relationships in general. By the time early April rolls around, any remaining relationship issues will likely be ironed out and settled. (Venus and Mars enter Aquarius together)

Sunday, March 6th is also the day Mercury leaves its conjunction with Saturn, the planet of Great Endings and Closure. This will bring further uplift, and a very welcome boost to our cognitive and communication skills. Our thoughts and mind may literally feel a lot more clear from here onwards. (The Mercury and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius ends) 

The proverbial fly in the ointment will be Mercury’s progress without a flux right after the planet is released from Saturn’s grip. This will last until Monday, March 14th; and take place in the most ethereal, suspenseful part of the Zodiac on the border zone between Aquarius and Pisces. We may feel bewildered, or drifting without a sense of direction during this time; and feel a sense of strange delay in putting into good use all the energy that got freed up as Mercury moved on from Saturn’s close vicinity. Indeed, a reactivated sense of vibrant living, when we feel like we can finally return to Life after the complete halt in January and February, will still be on hold and pending. (Mercury in Aquarius and Pisces is traveling without planetary aspects)

Between Tuesday, March 8th and Saturday, March 19th, the Sun, our main Luminary, will be in a benevolent aspect with Neptune, the Great Healer planet. Their conjunction will act much like a salve over emotional injuries or any hurt that may have occurred during February, when relationships in couples and in general were hard to manage with skill. The other possible scenario of this flux is further drowsiness and a tendency to daydream. As a word of advice, we may need to pay attention to a sense of gradual return to a heightened sense of activity. Try not to rush anything just yet. (The Sun and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces)

On Thursday, March 10th, Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury governs the cognitive, thinking aspects of our nature; and it also rules the way we manage our everyday functional routines. The planet received a veritable boost in Aquarius after which in Pisces, it will noticeably slow down. This is yet another event to take note of, should we feel like we cannot fully be present because something is clouding our mind, or we feel tired for no reason. Trouble with focus and concentration will be normal in early March, as if we were returning from winter hibernation still somewhat disoriented. It is best to be patient and accommodating of this condition, and replace a boozy feeling of spring fever with gradual, fluid movement forward, like a spring or rivulet, thawing out after deep winter freeze finding its course again. (Mercury enters Pisces) 

Between Sunday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 23rd, we may also feel some energies that are blissfully active, stirring our mood for exuberant motion and happenings. The Sun and Pluto’s sextile will function as a kind of lens or filter, through which we may get a healthy dose of boosting to our individual, sovereign needs, and yet again feel at home in the world. This flux also has a healing potential in case an injury or hurt happened during the hard and heavy planetary aspects in the winter. (The Sun is Pisces and Aries in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn)

Between Monday, March 14th and Sunday, March 20th a further stimulating aspect arrives with the sextile between Mercury and Uranus. Our appetite for activities will be stated with a tangible effect that caters to our future ambitions and perspectives. Whatever we have been quietly working on during those hard months in January and February will start to take shape and become concrete, real things rather than just ideas, wishes or fantasies living in our mind. (Mercury in Pisces in sextile with Uranus in Taurus)

Between MondayMarch 14th and Thursday, March 24th, Venus, the planet of graceful social interactions, relationships and romance will be in a challenging flux with Uranus, the planet of future ambitions and clear perspectives. Anything that may have caused irrational tension or anxiety, especially in mid-December and during February, may resurface again; and rekindle our fear about what is to come. However, if we learn to accept and understand that fear is the mind killer; any scary or disturbing effects may simply melt away, and keep the way open to make progress in partnerships. Try to remember this when unfounded tension arises, and stay grounded, present and centered by your breath. (Venus in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus) 

Between Tuesday, March 15th and Tuesday, March 29th, for a fortnight, Mars will also enter the same square with Uranus after Venus. The square is a challenging, frustrating aspect with a ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ energetic signature about it. The shadow aspect of this flux is obsession, putting the focus on the difficulties. We may grind our teeth through the process of ambitiously forging ahead towards some future goal… However, the square also teaches us valuable lessons about paying attention to what is really happening; and stay present rather than maintain a sense of control at all costs. Equanimity in any situation, no matter the challenges, is the true reward of mastering the square. (Mars in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus)

Now that we have arrived at this part in the forecast, it may be easier to see that after early-to-mid-December, and especially the month of February, the second part of March also looks like it spells trouble in relationships. This holds equally true for romance; as well as our social interactions in general. But here is the key to what is remarkably different at this time: while in the winter, it was next to impossible to navigate relationship challenges without rifts and breakdowns, now, in mid-March, the residual hurt is like phantom pain. If we are able to let what needs to be reckoned with move through us one more time, it may finally leave our system for good. All it takes is proper attention, and care to help what needs to leave finally be on its way. We will get out of the proverbial thick woods of relationship challenges by April 4th, which is when the conjunction between Mars and Venus ends.

Between Thursday, March 17th and Saturday, March 26, significant support arrives with Mercury’s conjunction including both Jupiter and Neptune. The former is known as the Great Benefactor planet, while Neptune is considered to be the archetypal Great Healer. Their aspect with Mercury will help us stay even keel, and focus on work and job-related activities in case relationship trouble should distract us. The tensions in March related to human and romantic affairs may feel irrational and ungrounded. Staying productive and busy with things related to work may be just the blessing in disguise we will need. (Mercury in Pisces conjunct with Jupiter and Neptune)

Between Friday, March 18th and Monday, May 9th, for a good long time, a grandiose and much anticipated flux will be active between the planetary giants Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is also known as the Great Benefactor planet, and Neptune is often considered to be the Great Healer. The realm of the Zodiac where they meet in Pisces is also often associated with healing and well-being. As a point of reference, it is worth mentioning that last year, when Jupiter entered Pisces for a brief period, the numbers of people who received vaccinations rose significantly. The upcoming conjunction will bring further positive effects to collective healing, especially since Jupiter governs multitudes, and Pisces also means public health. Further noticeable and likely scenarios in the collective may include massive exodus from the online world; and putting the focus on being in Nature, and with each other in crowds again. In certain individual cases, this flux will also boost profound self-healing; and bring about great spiritual experiences and integration. (Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces)

On Sunday, March 20th, the main Luminary Sun enters Aries. This event traditionally marks the beginning of the astrological New Year, and the start of a new energetic cycle in the Zodiac. Together with other planetary aspects in effect, this year especially, the Sun’s ingress into Aries will be a time of great anticipation of something entirely New; and a sense of excitement and thrill may be tangible in the air. (The Sun enters Aries)

Between Wednesday, March 23rd, and Sunday, April 3rd, romantic relationships will be up for one last revision. The context for this is the flux between Venus, the planet of romance and graceful relationships; and Saturn, the Great Teacher, and Ruler of Closures and Endings. Saturn is also known as the Guardian of the Gates, and once the work is done, whatever is concluded and left behind, on the other side, a new sense of stability arrives and settles in. Many couples will feel this shift as an upgrade; and it is also likely that some will not make the bar and have to let each other go. Those who stay together, however, will experience a much higher level of being in a relationship together, and on much more stable and solid ground too. (Venus in Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn) 

Between Thursday, March 24th and Tuesday, March 29th, we will also likely sense an uplift in our activities and worldly affairs. This will be either happening simultaneously with what we are going through in our relationships; or if we are not in one, a new sense of motivation and busyness will be noticeable. The sensation of how this may feel is akin to an athlete ready to burst into high performance at the start line; or an artist in front of a new canvas before the first stroke of paint goes on. If we have worked on something diligently and with quiet focus throughout the months of January and February, it will be time to bring it to the world at last. (Mercury in Pisces and Aries in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn)

The starting gun will be fired on Monday, March 28th, and until Thursday, April 7th, the Universe will be giving us a green light in waves when Mercury enters into conjunction with the Sun. Energetically, this is also like when after a very long winter recess, the animals can at last go to fresh green pasture. We may feel bouncy, high on the wonderful, motivated and ambitious energy of intense Aries. No need to hold back. In fact, what will not work anymore is the quiet, slow and diligent attitude that energetically defined the winter months, and was the most constructive way to get through. From here on, we can, and are well advised to give free reign to our wants and needs. (The Sun conjunct with Mercury in Aries)

Between Monday, March 28th and Tuesday, April 12th, in an almost parallel effect, Mars’s conjunction with Saturn will make sure that we don’t drive ourselves into the ground with this newly gained fiery, energetic boost. Mars is might; personal strength and ego; and it has explosive qualities. Saturn is the Great Teacher, and will make sure to hold our horses in case we try to get ahead of ourselves, high on our freedom and returned sense of vitality and individuality. Watch for tendencies of losing control, and rather than racing and wanting to run everyone out, respect the wisdom of slowing down. Similarly, when you are about to lose your head and plunge into something with complete abandon, check yourself. Caution may serve you well. This period may also lead to hotheadedness in general, with the possibility of conflicts and quarrel. Again, our best advice is to hone in on Saturn’s grounded and stable qualities, and cool the engines before things overheat. Otherwise, enjoy the freedom and motility we have all been waiting for, so long! (Mars in Aquarius conjunct with Saturn) In conclusion, at the end of March, we may truly feel that we can return to life as we have known it once again. As the season progresses, possibilities will abound and we will see the first flowers of our efforts coming into bloom. Let this be a time of celebration; and also observe the grounding, stabilizing qualities in effect at the cosmos.

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