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Astrological Monthly Forecast for January 2022

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The month of January is shaping up to be full of mostly tight and constraining energetic influences. In fact, both January and February will feel like an extension of December, when another wave of regulations and lockdowns started; and we had to yet again manage and make do without a lot of social interactions. Traditionally, winter has been a time of minimalistic activities the world over, and the first few weeks of the new year will most likely have this old-fashioned, conventional wintry feeling to them. The challenges we may feel will likely arise from the very real sensation that the past two years have felt like permanent wintertime, with only an occasional thaw for a week or two here and there. There hasn’t really been a lot of bright and joyous release for quite a while without us having to expect the cold weather to return, so to speak. The key in January will be, quite simply, to let go of the illusion that things should be different, and wish that it was August. It will get us by much more quickly if we accept what is; because this cold month, too, shall come to pass. Conscious effort to set up daily routines; pursuit of some sort of learning, and an occasional walk or outdoor fun is very well advised. And when we buckle down for winter when it is wintertime, January will likely feel a good old-fashioned cold month, natural with its minimalistic qualities at the beginning of a new year.

On Sunday, January 2nd, Mercury enters Aquarius, which is the very first relevant astrological event of the new year. The planet governs our thinking, communication and everyday functional routines, and is very much at home in Aquarius. The energy of this Zodiacal realm is stimulating for Mercury, and its qualities receive a significant boost, as if they were tuned up an octave higher. We will likely feel a sense of release from December’s lackluster ambience due to Mercury’s changing signs, especially after a slowdown and renewed freeze on social interactions last month. But the feeling may be transient or short-lived. We may still have to keep our activities primarily online, and rather than physical, tangible things we can touch and relate to, the focus will be on ideas and plans, and mostly the online environment. These virtual realms will be where we can be most active during January and even February, considering that Mercury will go retrograde and stay in Aquarius for quite a stretch. (Mercury enters Aquarius)

Between Tuesday, January 4th and Wednesday, January 19th we may feel trapped between the polarizing effects of action versus inaction due to a challenging aspect between Mars and Neptune. One part of our self would love to get rolling and be out in the world with a vengeance, while the other part would wish to stay in slumber and go under the covers in tired melancholy. Know that, considering the current state of things in the world, this is a natural sentiment and reaction. However, for the sake of a healthy way of being, the best is to try and strike a balance and stay mid-course, without giving in too much to being pulled one way or another. (Mars in Sagittarius in square with Neptune in Pisces) 

Between Wednesday, January 5th and Wednesday, January 12th, the Sun will be conjunct with Venus for a week. The Sun governs our authentic, higher self, and Venus rules relationships, graceful social interactions, and romance. During this time, the need for physical contact and getting together with others may strike us with a sense of urgency; but because this is happening in the Zodiacal realm of slow and constrained Capricorn, it is best to expect some sort of hindrance amidst the current regulations in place. In general, however, human relationships, topics of the masculine and feminine, and romance are expected to be in the focus more noticeably during this time. (The Sun in Capricorn conjunct with retrograde Venus in Capricorn)

Between Wednesday, January 5th and Sunday, January 16th a flux between the Sun and Neptune will provide some helpful attributes within an otherwise rather cold, inactive and highly abstract energetic period. The Sun, ruler of our authentic, higher self, and Neptune, the Great Healer planet will be in a sextile, which will help us to remain patient and relaxed, albeit that we won’t also get back our lives out in the world quite just yet. This period a bit shy of the length of a fortnight is truly auspicious for anything related to healing, organizing and also for letting go. (The Sun in Capricorn in sextile with Neptune in Pisces)

On Wednesday, January 5th, Venus, ruler of relationships, graceful social interactions and romance will leave her conjunction with Pluto. This is a welcome event, because even though the planet will stay in retrograde motion for quite some more time, Venus’s move out of Pluto’s close territory will relax our sense of toughness and too much individuality. Similarly, we may feel a relief in our frustrations with our partner, spouse or loved ones; and other people or the collective in general. (Retrograde Venus in Capricorn leaves conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn) 

Between Thursday, January 6th and Saturday, January 22nd, Mercury, the planet ruling our thinking, communication, as well as cognitive and routine functions will enter into a challenging flux with Uranus in Taurus. Considering the length of this aspect, the majority of January will be affected, and we may feel frustrated about the lack of real, physical sides to life, or things getting on the ground. Most of our activities will still have to remain in planning phase or at the level of ideas, and any impulsive motion of getting them going will likely have to be cognitive rather than real or tangible. All of this could lead to a heightened sense of internal conflicts and anxiety, and make us yearn for some healthy, grounded, down to earth simplicity in life. (Mercury in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus) 

On Saturday, January 8th, Mercury enters into conjunction with Saturn, the planet of great endings; and the two will stay in this flux until Saturday, January 22nd. Mercury has been rather under the hammer in a number of ways throughout the month already, but this aspect will further control this famously volatile and playful planet. We will likely feel this effect in scenarios where we feel too stuck in our mind, or too much walled behind the confines of the online world. To avoid becoming the prisoner of our own mind syndrome, we must make an effort and make physical exercise a daily imperative routine. Even in the city, without a forest or park around, it is highly beneficial to get into the body on a regular basis and move it or stretch it for optimal health. (Mercury in Aquarius conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius)

Between Tuesday, January 11th and Saturday, January 22nd, the Sun and Pluto will be in conjunction. The Sun governs our higher, authentic self and this flux with Pluto may put us to the tests and trials of some kind of a breakthrough. As cool as this sounds, however, the process may not be comfortable or easy, considering the effects of a long, depriving loss of contact with the outside world due to tight planetary aspects in January. A cinematic version of this period might look like hallucinations coming to someone who has been in confinement for a very long time; or when in a movie the hero can see their own projected self talking to them audibly from a corner in the room. Prepare for a deep dive into psyche during this time in the early days of the new year because with close attention it could, indeed, have a truly transformative effect. Coming out of it, we may feel changed, but also much stronger, like when the legendary Phoenix has taken to wings. (The Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius in conjunction with Pluto)

Between Thursday, January 13th and Tuesday, February 15th significant, abundant energetic help arrives with an aspect that Venus and Uranus will be involved in. Venus is the planet of graceful social interactions, romance and relationships; and the trine is the most positive and hopeful flux between two planets. Venus’s connection to Uranus in Taurus may bring a ray of noble and generous hope into our lives, boosting our faith; and the promise that the future will provide plenty of rewards for our efforts may almost feel tangible, within reach. It is important to stay connected to nature and go outside for fresh air and exercise regularly during this period. This will help with keeping our two feet on the ground during the more challenging times in January and February. (Venus in Capricorn in trine with Uranus in Taurus)

Mercury, the planet that rules our thinking and cognition, communication and functional routines in life will be retrograde between Saturday, January 15th and Friday, February 4th in the Zodiacal realms of Aquarius and Capricorn. This is further prompt to put aside and let go of any effort to get active and busy, expecting things to start opening up in the real world. Instead, we will be best served by focusing on things that can be realized in online environments, and at the level of thoughts and ideas. (Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn)

On Wednesday, January 19th, a grandiose event takes place when Uranus, the planet of future perspectives and ambitions turns direct in grounded, matter-of-fact and stable Taurus. Slowly but surely, and yet still definitely in the background, this effect will start to turn the tides, and relax the effects of the lockdowns and regulations reissued in December. First, this will be mostly noticeable at the level of ideas and plans but things pick up momentum with time. (Uranus goes direct in Taurus)

On Thursday, January 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius. Following closely on the heels of Uranus turning direct, this event also means cracks on the austere, strict walls of closures and regulations, and a sense of being stuck inside. We may start to feel excited about new ideas and plans, and welcome the buzz of future ambitions once again. (The Sun enters Aquarius) 

On Friday, January 21st the Sun and Mercury will enter into a brief conjunction with each other. For five days, our higher, authentic self may receive a greater sense of integrity and an upgrade, so if it is at all possible, try to be very active during this time. The flux is ending on Tuesday, January 25th, but pay close attention to any ideas that may be ripe for immediate realization; or if not right away, with a slight delay, close to conception. (The Sun in conjunction with retrograde Mercury in Aquarius)

Between Monday, January 24th and Thursday, February 17th, Mercury, the planet that rules thinking and communication, and our everyday functional routines will be conjunct with Pluto. In an ordinary scenario, this would last but a few days. Since Mercury is retrograde, however, their flux will last for an unusually lengthy three and a half weeks. This is another key aspect that will make us feel like January and February are extremely sluggish months. The real prospect for openings and things starting to move will indeed be delayed until mid-March, so it is best to reckon and make peace with that. (Mercury in Aquarius and Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto)

Between Tuesday, January 25th and Friday, February 4th, another aspect between the Sun and Uranus will put a damper on our overall need for movement and release. The Sun will square off with Uranus, the planet of future perspectives and ambitions, and this means that in physical reality, we may feel blocked, challenged or even completely halted. The remedy for this is to find creative ground in the online world, and plant seeds in the shape and form of ideas. (The Sun in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus)

On Tuesday, January 25th, Mars enters Capricorn.  Mars is key to our expressions of Individual strengths and ambitions, and will significantly lose its fiery momentum in the realm of icy, slow and constrained Capricorn. We will not be able to muscle or plow our way through January and February, so it is best if we don’t even try. The attributes of Capricorn are helpful here: patience, thorough and steady progress, and clarity of purpose will be important qualities to observe. Also, to keep one foot in front of the other and stay grounded. Before too long, in mid-March, things will certainly start to pick up tempo and move again; but we will have to wait. (Mars enters Capricorn)

Between Tuesday, January 25th and Monday, February 14th, Mars and Jupiter’s sextile will come in for the rescue with its soothing, hopeful and bright qualities. It is always good when two planets are having a sextile, in this particular case the ruler of personal strengths, ambitions and individuality, and the Great Benefactor planet. At the end of the month, we will likely feel a new sense of clarity and a quickening effect about what comes next and how to regulate our energies; and this aspect will also give us a renewed sense of faith and optimism, and a sense of inner peace about things in general. (Mars in Capricorn in sextile with Jupiter in Pisces) 

On Wednesday, January 26th, Mercury, the ruler of our thinking and everyday functional routines will go back to Capricorn for a spell. Capricorn is quite an alien realm to Mercury’s playful, creative and carefree qualities with its austerity and constraints. As we keep emphasizing, January will have some truly helpful and supportive aspects, but overall, the entire month is going to feel slow, frozen and controlling toward many of life’s lighthearted and playful aspects. (Retrograde Mercury goes back to Capricorn)

Between Wednesday, January 26th and Monday, March 14th, another favorable aspect will loosen the tight grip of several fluxes causing endings, closure and an overall sense of everything on hold. The Great Benefactor planet Jupiter will be in sextile during this period with Uranus, the ruler of future perspectives and ambitions. The sextile is a soothing, calming energetic influence, and has a specifically pleasant and friendly signature to it; and this particular one will arrive just in time to brighten the mood. January and February both are going to feel like slow, cold, and constraining months, getting us started in a rather somber and austere atmosphere in the new year. We also know already that things will start to open up and feel much more promising from mid-March. Uranus and Jupiter’s aspect is going to give us a sense of uplifting, a grounded and hopeful glimpse into the future, or at least the promise of it. We will be able to start to plan and envision gardens that nurture us, in the real and metaphorical sense; while this effect is taking place. (Jupiter in Pisces in sextile with Uranus in Taurus) 

The last effect of the month worthy of our attention is the conjunction between the Sun, ruler of our authentic, higher self; and Saturn, the Great Teacher also renowned as the bringer of great endings and final closure. This period will fall between Sunday, January 30th and Thursday, February 10th, and emphasize the ascetic, solitary, and overall claustrophobic qualities of the entire month of January. We will have to reckon with this, and find things to appreciate about this slow, uneventful start, also giving us a chance to experience our higher self in more cognitive, more intellectual ways. Come mid-March, chances are that the release from these times like molasses will feel all the more energizing; and give us a healthy boost to get creative and stay inspired, while we will also need to keep our feet steady on the ground, and stay fully connected to our emotional sides once again. (The Sun in Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn)

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