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Astrological Monthly Forecast for February 2022

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The month of January is shaping up to be full of mostly tight and constraining energetic influences. In fact, both January and February wThe first half of February will be very similar to the overall signature of the entire month of January with slow, tight energies. We will still have a lot of quiet time most likely spent in isolation but ideal for getting things done; and health regulations and social distancing will probably stay in effect. From mid-month, however, a gradual energetic thaw is to be expected, and the austere, Saturnian and wintry qualities will start to lose their grip at last. This will bring a noticeable boost to our mood both at the personal and the collective levels; and by late February, lots of familiar things that are associated with a life worth living will be returned to us. The gradual arrival back to a sense of normalcy will make February feel like we are in a tunnel, on our way into something entirely new and different from what we have known. And from endless lockdown, we will be arriving back into Life again.

Between Sunday, January 30th and Thursday, February 10th, the Sun will be conjunct with Saturn, the planet of great endings. Mostly due to their aspect, the beginning of February will feel like an extension of January, as if the previous month never ended with its passive, uneventful qualities. The Sun and Saturn’s constellation takes place in the cognitive, intellectual realm of Aquarius, which means that most of our activities will still have to be limited to the online world. This relatively slow, quiet, and energetically cold period is ideal for continuing to build systems and new foundations; and for making steady progress, without haste, towards our plans and ideals. (The Sun in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius)

Between Tuesday, February 1st and Tuesday, February 15th, for a fortnight, noticeable movement will arrive with Mars and Uranus entering into a trine with each other. Mars governs our personal ambitions and strengths, and the trine is an optimistic, uplifting and very generous aspect. With Uranus involved, chances are that our future perspectives and goals will receive a boost, which will be a very welcome change after a dead halt in the first long weeks of the new year. It is important to take into account that both planets are in stable, grounded realms in Capricorn and Taurus respectively; and for the best results, we are best served by harnessing this energy for concrete and gradual movement forward, without expecting fast advance. (Mars in Capricorn in trine with Uranus in Taurus)

On Wednesday, February 2nd, a potentially exciting and significant flux involving Mars and Venus will begin. Mars is an active, vibrant masculine planetary influence, and Venus is his feminine, soft, and attractive complement. The two will enter into conjunction for an extra long time, until April 3rd, for two entire months! The fall of 2021 had a very intense and confusing period mostly within romantic relationships, while Mars was in Libra and Venus was transiting Scorpio. The energetic climax of these trying times was in mid-December, followed by a relative sense of calm and normalcy in January. Mars and Venus’s duo will bring romance and romantic partnerships back into the spotlight once again for a renewed sense of scrutiny; but this will likely feel a lot less intense during this flux. As they make progress together in February and March, we may get a lot more clarity about our roles in a relationship; as well as about our partner, or significant other, if we have one. (Venus and Mars enter into conjunction in Capricorn) 

On Friday, February 4th, Mercury, the planet that governs our thinking and cognition, communication and daily functional routines will turn direct again in Capricorn. Since this is a slow, closed and austere realm, we will once again have to lower our expectations about what this will look like. But no matter how small, this event will also bring movement after the energetically frozen and inactive month of January; and we will feel a little more motivated as February gets on the ground and starts rolling. (Mercury turns direct in Capricorn) 

On Saturday, February 5th, another very welcome momentum arrives with a temporary release of Uranus and Saturn’s square. Throughout the entire year of 2021, this aspect was mostly responsible for our life consigned to the online world. The confusion between whether we are physical beings first; or having had to turn into cognitive, virtual hybrid versions of ourselves was real. The tension between these versions of ourselves will noticeably start to let up, and we can start to return to a sense of normalcy that is much more familiar to us. The physical, flesh and blood aspects of our body will be all the more rewarding if we can find ways to connect with Nature. (The square between Uranus and Saturn temporarily releases) 

On Thursday, February 10th, our main Luminary, the Sun will move on from the conjunction with Saturn, the planet of great endings. We will be able to start to feel our appetite for more activities to return; and we will also have more support for reaching goals we had to put on a halt earlier. Anything that we had plans for, or we failed to put on the ground for lack of proper assistance from the universe can now begin to finally take shape and take the first baby steps in life. (The Sun and Saturn’s conjunction in Aquarius ends)

Between Thursday, February 10th and Thursday, February 24th, the Sun will be transiting Aquarius and Pisces without any planetary fluxes. Although after January’s frozen molasses tempo, February will feel a little more fluid and upbeat, the green light from the Universe to really get things going will still be on hold until early to mid March. During this fortnight, we may experience a sense of drowsiness or enchantment, and spend a lot of time daydreaming. (The Sun transits Aquarius and Pisces without aspects)

On Saturday, February 12th, Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, and daily functional routines will virtually pass Pluto in Capricorn. This will have the effect of clearer motivation and visions; and give a boost to the cognitive, inspired side of our activities. (Mercury virtually passes Pluto in Capricorn)

Three days later, on Tuesday, February 15th, Mercury leaves the realm of Capricorn and enters Aquarius, where the planet is a lot more at ease. Aquarius is home to grandiose ideas and new directions; and the online world. With Mercury here, we may feel an added boost to our ideas; and that our head and reflexes are a lot more clear and tuned up. (Mercury enters Aquarius)

Between Wednesday, February 16th and Thursday, March 3rd Venus will be in a benevolent, soft and supportive aspect with Neptune, the great healer planet. Venus was in a truly challenging, compromised position throughout the entire Fall of 2021, and especially in December. During this flux, we may feel that our relationships and sense of grounded living receive an upgrade.  Another highlight for this time is the physical body, and its optimal health and well-being. Pay some extra careful attention to this in mid-February. (Venus in Capricorn in sextile with Neptune in Pisces) 

Between Wednesday, February 16th and Wednesday, March 2nd, Mars joins the same flux. The effect of this may help our ambitions take shape with relative ease; and we may also feel quietly optimistic, and peaceful at this time about our plans and ongoing projects.

It is worth mentioning that the sextile between Venus and Mars; and Neptune in particular may be truly auspicious for conception.  Neptune is the planet of pregnancy and conceiving new life; and the sextile is a soft and erotic energetic influence. With Mars and Venus in the mix, the chances of getting pregnant during this flux are high. 

On Thursday, February 17th, Mercury leaves Pluto’s vicinity for good. Mercury is responsible for our thinking and communication, and daily functional routines; and that it will permanently move on from its conjunction with Pluto will help with our mental and motivational clarity even more. (Mercury leaves its conjunction with Pluto)

On Saturday, February 19th, the Sun will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces. This event usually brings notable changes in the weather with rains and a noticeable shift towards seasonal change; and it also has a mood-altering effect with some melancholy in the air. Although in mid-February we will start to feel the effects of more supportive and uplifting energetic influences; and movement and release from a deep freeze in a literal as well as metaphorical sense, we will still be going nowhere fast, and are best advised to approach this with a softened and fluid attitude.  Denial and resistance will make matters worse. (The Sun enters Pisces)

Starting on Monday, February 21st, for a week, Mercury will be in a challenging and potentially frustrating flux with Uranus, the planet of future perspectives and ambitions. Mercury is the ruler of thinking and communication, and functional daily routines. The square is the most difficult aspect between two planets; and the realm of Taurus, where Uranus currently resides is a stocky, steady part of the Zodiac, blocking fluid, easy movement. It is best to prepare for impediments to launching a project or pursuing ideas at this time. Especially until this flux ends on Monday, February 28th, we need to be patient, and let the thaw that is a gradual process take its time. (Mercury in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus)

Between Thursday, February 24th and Wednesday, March 9th as a direct result, but seemingly out of nowhere, in general, we may feel an irrational tension that may be hard to shake. Mars, the red planet, will be in conjunction with Pluto, the planet that blocks red energies and buries them under, where they brew and percolate and gather strength. We are best advised to pay attention to this, and if we notice frustrations rising and wanting to spew, we will need to take extra steps to correct our pace and retract. No matter how unacceptable and even maddening this may feel, it is best to accept that things will not be gathering speed yet; and that if we try to get in control, it will make things ten times worse. Let the unfolding be gradual and slow and natural. Life in general will pick up tempo in mid-March, finally; and by April things will be in full swing once again. (Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn)

A day later, within the same timeframe, graceful and attractive Venus will also join Mars and Pluto’s harrowing constellation. The planet of graceful social interactions, relationships and romance, Venus will once again be in a compromised position, and the way we may notice this is that things for couples could get tense. The entire season of the Fall, and especially December brought to the surface a multitude of issues about who we are in romantic relationships. Without any sense of exaggeration, we were under cosmic scrutiny, so to speak. In this particular period of a fortnight, more or less, the source of trouble will very likely be frustration over an extended length of isolation; and we may project our stress onto our partner, or people around us. It is worth being aware that this may happen, and practice patience. We will spare a lot of energy this way, and spare others from our stress-related vexation potentially spewing over them. (Venus in Capricorn and Aquarius conjunct with Pluto)

Between Friday, February 25th and Monday, March 7th, the Universe will have our back with a very supportive, soft and soothing flux between the main Luminary Sun; and Uranus, the planet of future goals and perspectives, currently in stable, grounded and transparent Taurus. There has been plenty of tightness in the cosmos due to challenging planetary aspects to keep us on edge; so this flux will be a great help and a reminder not to project our frustrations on others. Movement, exercise and any activities that have a grounding effect are very beneficial at this time, so if you have a chance, pursue these. Hike, take a walk if you are in an urban area, and do some local shopping! All of these are recommended to bring balance to the tightness, which especially with a new month starting in March will noticeably start to ease up. (The Sun in Pisces in sextile with Uranus in Taurus) 

Between Saturday, February 26th and Saturday, March 12th the main Luminary Sun will be in a very noble conjunction with Jupiter, the Great Benefactor planet. The energetic signature of their constellation will significantly lighten up the collective with benevolent, warm and active energies, which will be a truly welcome change after the control, slowness, isolation and tightness of January and the first half of February. The relief will be all the more noticeable once Mars and Venus leave their conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. But until then, the Sun and Jupiter’s tandem will bring a fortnight of tangible hope that the world is still an amazing and beautiful place. (The Sun in Pisces in conjunction with Jupiter) 

The month concludes with another austere aspect including Mercury, the planet that governs our thinking and communication, and everyday functional routines; and Saturn, the planet of great endings. Their conjunction will last between Saturday, February 26th and Sunday, March 6th, and we yet again have to face a blocking effect to our activities and impulses so hungry for more ease. If we are able to accept and understand, it will be ten times easier to navigate through this phase. If we are unable to accept and understand, it will be rough sailing. The great cosmic order with its vast energies has a place for this constellation as well, and it fits. With the arrival of a new season, our appetite for joy and connection will be slowly but surely returned to us, and especially the beginnings of March and April will be full of exuberant energies. (Mercury in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius) 

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